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Why You Should Sell Your Old iPhone

old iphone

It happens every year. Apple comes out with a new version of the iPhone that you or your kids MUST have. Your old iPhone might get passed down to the next family member as a hand-me-down upgrade, best case scenario.

Otherwise, what do you do with that old phone? You can trade it to the phone companies for store credit, but is that useful? If you have one of the popular yearly update plans, you won’t need it.

The question then becomes a trade, sell, or keep for cases of emergency (broken phone). Which option is right for your old iPhone?

Old iPhone Options:

It’s important that you recycle (well really re-use) your device. Electronic waste is growing at an alarming rate due to the development of new models.

The last thing you want to do is throw that old iPhone in the trash. That can cause pollution, both chemical and physical.

How do you stop this? You can trade your phone or sell it.

Trade in

Most cell phone retailers will give you store credit for your used iPhone as a way to encourage you to recycle it. Most of these stores only offer you a flat value for your phone, no matter the condition.

It’s not always a fair trade, especially if your plan includes a new phone every year.

If you know that your next phone isn’t going to be covered completely by your current plan, trading could be for you. That old phone can knock $150 or so off your new one.

Selling your Phone

Your other option and the arguably better one is selling your old iPhone. This way you get cash in your hand that you don’t have to spend at your local retailer. And someone else gets a new phone for a lower price. Everyone’s happy!

Selling your phone is the right choice for you if your used iPhone is a recent model. Trade in-store credit cards give you a flat rate.

You can get about $285 for an excellent condition iPhone 6S Plus online, while your retailer may give you $150.

Resale value is another important reason to keep your phone well protected in a case. The less cracks and visible damage the phone has, the more it will sell for.

Before a Sale

There are some things you’ll need to do before you hand off your phone to its new owner.

First, you’ll have to find someone to buy it. We can help. Once you have a deal agreed upon, the most important thing is to wipe your used iPhone.

Wiping your used iPhone is easy and important so the new owner doesn’t have your information. Before you do this make sure you back your data up on the cloud.

You wouldn’t want to lose your pictures!

If you’re going to sell your previous iPhone, it is important to do it quickly. As soon as you get your new one set up would be a good time.

Phones values go down with their age, so get it sold and get a great offer!


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