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What Can I Do With A Used Cell Phone?

used cell phoneWe are constantly upgrading our cell phones.

In ten years there have been 13 iterations of the iPhone.

And if you keep up with Apple or Android device upgrades, you probably have a stack of old phones lying around like old bricks.

Like most of us, you probably want to get rid of them. But you don’t know what they could be used for.

Here are a few things you can do with a used cell phone.

1. Keep One In Your Car Or Pack For Emergencies

Even if you disconnect your phone’s service, it still calls out to 911 or the emergency service in your country.

If your cell phone runs out of juice, and you’re in the middle of nowhere without a charger, you’re out of luck.

But if you have a fully charged used cell phone in your pack or your glove box, you can call emergency services.

Before the advent of the cell phone, we had to flag down someone on the highway or use smoke signals. But today, we have cell phones.

2. Give It To Your Kid Instead Of Your Real Phone

It’s fairly cringeworthy watching parents give children their brand new $500 cell phone to play with.

Because most people pay their phones off with a payment plan, they don’t realize how expensive their new phones are.

We recommend that you don’t give your kid a new phone to play with and instead give them your used cell phone.

You can take out the sim card so they can’t even call 911, and smartphones still have the capability to connect via wifi. So, your kid can still play games on your glorified iPod.

3. Do Something Crazy And Film It On YouTube

One of the most brilliant marketing campaigns on the internet is the “Will It Blend” series by BlendTec.

They were showing off the power of their professional blenders by blending various Apple products into dust.

We don’t recommend you blend your old phones as this is dangerous, but you can do other fun things.

If someone has the same model as your used cell phone, you can prank your friend by destroying your phone right in front of them.

But don’t blame us if your friendship is destroyed as well.

4. Recycle It

The EPA would rather you not throw your old phone in the garbage.

Your cell phone contains harmful chemicals and heavy metals that will leach into the water supply and poison you.

So, recycle it at one of the many places that will do it for you.

Get Cold Hard Cash For Your Used Cell Phone

While there are a lot of things you can do with your old cell phones. One of the best things you can do is profit from them.

And if you’re afraid of getting ripped off, there are reputable places online where you can trade in your phone.

One of those places is Buy Back Pros.

You can have cash for you cell phone in two days flat. And the process is simple.

If you want to sell your old phone, sell it through Buy Back Pros now.


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