Go Green: 7 Insightful Recycling Facts to Know About this Year

recycling factsIf you’ve upgraded your smartphone recently–and let’s be honest, who hasn’t–chances are you’ve been encouraged to recycle your old phone.

The way we go through electronics these days, e-waste is a huge problem. In 2014, over 41 million tons of e-waste was produced globally.

Since the materials used in electronics take centuries to break down, this has a devastating effect on the environment.

Here are some recycling facts highlighting just a few of the reasons why there has never been a better time to recycle your used electronics.

There are More Mobile Phones than People on Earth

According to the US Census, there are around 7.22 billion active mobile devices in the world. Current data shows the human population at a little over 7 billion.

And with companies constantly releasing new models, that’s a lot of waste.

It’s estimated that only 15% of discarded electronics are recycled. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Electronics are 100% Recyclable

Everything in your phone–the glass of the screen, the gold of the connections, the silicon of the microchips–can be extracted and reused.

Recycled materials reduce the cost of producing new electronics.

This, in turn, can make electronics cheaper for the consumer.

Recycling Prevents the Spread of Toxic Materials

Gold mining is terrible for the environment, releasing toxic chemicals like cyanide and mercury into soil and waters.

Since circuit boards contain more gold per pound than ore, recycling electronics

Improper disposal of electronics can also release toxic waste into the environment. Old television sets and CRT monitors contain lead, which leeches into the ground when dumped in a landfill.

Recycling your electronics prevents these chemicals from infecting the environment.

Refurbished Electronics can be Resold at a Discount

While many people constantly upgrade to the newest model as soon as it becomes available, some of us can’t afford such a luxury.

However, there is a cheaper way to buy electronics.

Factory refurbished devices often sell for hundreds of dollars cheaper than retail prices. This allows low-income consumers access to computers and smart phones.

These refurbished phones are originally sold back to the manufacturers. Dumping electronics can take away someone else’s opportunity to get an affordable laptop or mobile phone.

Throwing Away your Phone Might be Illegal

Certain local governments have enacted restrictions on e-waste disposal.

New York state recently introduced laws banning residents from dumping old devices.

New York residents can be fined up to $100 for the improper disposal of electronics.

Your city might have similar laws. Research local and state ordinances before deciding how to dispose of your electronics.

Recycling E-waste is Easy

Once, recycling e-waste required finding a dedicated recycling center and paying a hefty fee.

No more.

Now, many major retailers, like Best Buy and Target, have cheap recycling centers in store. Sometimes, they will offer promotions to recycle electronics at a discount or for free.

Buyback Programs are a Great Way to Get Cash Fast

Between competing with other sellers and finding reliable buyers, selling your old devices can be a hassle.

However, there are many buyback programs that offer a fair price for your phone, computer, or other electronics.

Unlike selling your electronics yourself, buyback programs offer a stress free way to get money for your old devices.

If you want to sell your iPhone, contact us today to get cash fast.

recycling facts


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