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Why You Should Sell Your Old iPhone

old iphone

It happens every year. Apple comes out with a new version of the iPhone that you or your kids MUST have. Your old iPhone might get passed down to the next family member as a hand-me-down upgrade, best case scenario.

Otherwise, what do you do with that old phone? You can trade it to the phone companies for store credit, but is that useful? If you have one of the popular yearly update plans, you won’t need it.

The question then becomes a trade, sell, or keep for cases of emergency (broken phone). Which option is right for your old iPhone?

Old iPhone Options:

It’s important that you recycle (well really re-use) your device. Electronic waste is growing at an alarming rate due to the development of new models.

The last thing you want to do is throw that old iPhone in the trash. That can cause pollution, both chemical and physical.

How do you stop this? You can trade your phone or sell it.

Trade in

Most cell phone retailers will give you store credit for your used iPhone as a way to encourage you to recycle it. Most of these stores only offer you a flat value for your phone, no matter the condition.

It’s not always a fair trade, especially if your plan includes a new phone every year.

If you know that your next phone isn’t going to be covered completely by your current plan, trading could be for you. That old phone can knock $150 or so off your new one.

Selling your Phone

Your other option and the arguably better one is selling your old iPhone. This way you get cash in your hand that you don’t have to spend at your local retailer. And someone else gets a new phone for a lower price. Everyone’s happy!

Selling your phone is the right choice for you if your used iPhone is a recent model. Trade in-store credit cards give you a flat rate.

You can get about $285 for an excellent condition iPhone 6S Plus online, while your retailer may give you $150.

Resale value is another important reason to keep your phone well protected in a case. The less cracks and visible damage the phone has, the more it will sell for.

Before a Sale

There are some things you’ll need to do before you hand off your phone to its new owner.

First, you’ll have to find someone to buy it. We can help. Once you have a deal agreed upon, the most important thing is to wipe your used iPhone.

Wiping your used iPhone is easy and important so the new owner doesn’t have your information. Before you do this make sure you back your data up on the cloud.

You wouldn’t want to lose your pictures!

If you’re going to sell your previous iPhone, it is important to do it quickly. As soon as you get your new one set up would be a good time.

Phones values go down with their age, so get it sold and get a great offer!

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Electronics Buy Back: Why Should I Sell My Old Electronics?

electronics buy backTechnology is progressing faster than it ever has in human history.

That state of the art tablet you got a few years ago?

It was made obsolete a few months after you bought it.

Now, it’s collecting dust in your bedside dresser.

Smartphone technology gets upgraded at a similarly rapid pace.

That’s why retailers participate in electronics buy back.

Electronics buy back gives consumers the opportunity to sell back their aging gadgets for some kind of reimbursement.

This is usually in cash, gift cards, or store credit.

What Can an Electronics Buy Back Offer Me?

Even though your old electronics are relatively useless, many retailers are willing to pay for them.

They’re willing to pay big, sometimes in cash.

Even phones released half a decade ago can yield some money.

Why is that good news?

Because some electronics are so expensive.

It can be good to get some money back for them so you offset their initial cost.

The money you receive from electronics buy back can also be put towards a new gadget.

But be vigilant.

The longer you wait to sell your electronics, the less they will be worth. 

A smartphone that is one generation older than the latest model can still be worth a ton.

It is likely that stores are still selling the older model, and engineers still have the parts and expertise to perform maintenance.

The more outdated the smartphone is, the fewer resources there are to keep it running.

This inherently decreases its value.

Many smartphones also have frequent software updates.

Older phones become increasingly incompatible with these updates.

After a while, the technology is so outdated that retailers determine there is no market for them.

So although the 1st generation iPhone you have can still make calls, it likely has very little value in a resale market.

People want as close to the latest and greatest they can get.

Why Hesitate?

It’s not easy for some people to part with their electronics.

After all, as stated before, electronics are a pricey investment.

It can be difficult to muster the strength to turn these gadgets in.

But you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

The reality is that you may be able to get a large payoff from these electronics.

If you choose not to sell, their value will depreciate until it becomes nothing.

Also, the environmental impact of reselling your electronics cannot be understated.

The more used phones there are, the less valuable resources have to be utilized for new phones.

As you can see, there are certainly more uses for an outdated phone than sitting in storage.

So why second guess yourself?

Earn Cash Immediately!

Even though the electronic landscape is changing drastically, we should use it our benefit.

Advancements are made so quickly that recently purchased electronics are almost instantly old-fashioned.

But because there is very little time between models released, they are still worth something.

Don’t let your old electronics go to waste.

Get paid today!

For any questions or concerns, or for more information, leave a comment below.

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3 Things to do Before You Sell Your Mac

sell your mac

You and your Mac have had some wonderful times together, but it’s time to move on.

When you’re ready to sell your Mac, it’s not as simple as just unplugging it and handing it over. Your computer has a lot of personal information and data stored on it that needs to be wiped before you get rid of it.

Here are three steps to take before you sell your Mac to ensure a smooth transition to its new owner.

Step 1: Back it up

Before you even think about wiping your computer clean, you need to backup all the important data and files.

There are several ways you can do this.

Time Machine

Time Machine is your Mac’s built-in backup feature. You’ll need to use it with your own external storage solution, such as an external hard drive connected to a USB, FireWire, or Thunderbolt port on your Mac, or a Time Capsule or MacOS server on your network.

Time Machine automatically backs up your Mac, but if you want to back it up now rather than waiting for the next scheduled backup time, select “Back Up Now” from the Time Machine menu.


You can store photos, documents, music, and other files to the iCloud, and retrieve them from another device at any time simply by signing into the cloud.

CDs or DVDs

If your Mac has a DVD drive, or you connect to one externally, you can burn your files to a CD or DVD.

One thing to keep in mind is that your new Mac probably won’t have a way to play DVDs or CDs, so you’ll need an external DVD drive if you plan to access any of your backed-up files.

Third party backup

Another option is to use a third party like SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner to backup your Mac before you sell it. These sites create exact clones of your hard drive so you can access all of your data later.

All of the above

Well, you probably don’t need to use all of the above backup methods, but we definitely recommend using more than one to minimize the chance of losing any of your data before you sell your Mac.

Step 2: Sign out of all your Apple services

To make the transition as seamless as possible, make sure you’ve signed out of iTunes, iCloud, iMessage, etc., so there’s no confusion when the new owner tries to log into any of those programs.

You should also sign out of any third-party apps that you’ve installed on your Mac.

Step 3: Reformat your hard drive

Once you’ve backed everything up and signed out of all of your personal accounts, your final step before you sell your Mac is to erase everything by reformatting your hard drive.

This step is crucial. You don’t want a stranger having access to any of your personal information that may be buried on your Mac, like your contact info, credit card number or social security number.

After you reformat your hard drive, you should install a fresh copy of the MacOS for the new owner.

Now you’re ready to sell your Mac

It’s hard saying goodbye to an old friend, but hopefully, you have a brand new Mac waiting for you on the other side.

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like any help selling your Mac.

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Why You Should Use Cell Phone Buy Back Programs

It’s that time of the year again— When you upgrade to the latest iPhone.

Shiny new camera? Check.

Water resistant screen? Check.

Fingerprint unlocking? Check.

Now what to do with your old phone?

Every year, Americans throw out 130 million cell phones. If recycled or reused, we can save enough energy to power over 24,000 homes!

That’s a lot of wasted juice.

Besides the energy saving benefits, here are a few more reasons why you should use a cell phone buy back program.

It’s A Literal Gold Mine

cell phone buy back

In 2015, Apple recovered $40 million worth of gold from recycling their old products. That’s not including the value of other precious metals extracted.

If you toss your old iPhone, you’re literally throwing gold away.

Sell to a cell phone buy back vendor to get a piece of the $40 million pie.

Phones Are Toxic

Phones are made of materials that are harsh for the environment.

The precious metals are valuable but they’re terrible for the planet. Don’t let it end up in a landfill.

In fact, Apple recovered 89 million pounds of materials from their recycling program back in 2015.

We Could Be Recycling More

Almost 100% of electronics is recyclable but we’re only recycling about 29% of it. The US is responsible for 11.7 million tons of e-waste a year but only 3.4 million tons is being repurposed or resold.

We can do our part by being less wasteful.

It’s More Secure Than P2P Marketplaces

You always run a risk of being scammed when using websites like eBay or Craigslist.

A verified buy back vendor will ensure the process is safe and painless. You don’t have to worry about not being paid.

Why Should I Sell My iPhone Through A Buy Back Program Vs Other Recycling Programs?

What if you’re already recycling through Apple or Best Buy? Why would you use a buy back program?

Buy back programs often give you cash for your old cell phones.

Not gift cards or store credit.

No Pictures, Please…

No pictures needed.

Selling on second-hand marketplaces like Ebay and Craigslist often requires some photography magic on your end. If you work with a buy back vendor, they’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is send in the device.

By the way, shipping is often free!

Yea, But How Do I Know What My Device Is Worth?

Buy Back Pros have an easy UI to identify your machine’s value. You’re just a couple of clicks away from getting a quote for your mobile device.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the condition of your phone. Just label it to the best of your ability and ship it. Once we receive your device, our own experts will evaluate it and confirm if the price is correct.

You will be paid within two days once the price is evaluated.

How We Can Help

Remember, your old iPhone 5 does not have to be a glorified paperweight.

Not sure where to begin?

Buy Back Pros offers a comprehensive guide to evaluate your cell phones and other electronics.

Get a quote within minutes!

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What Is The Best Way To Sell My iPhone?

young man casual hipster with mobile phoneDid you know that the phone in your hand is millions of times more powerful than the NASA Apollo Guidance Computer that sent a man to the moon and back safely?

Thank goodness it’s not as expensive as that computer was for NASA.

But your phone is still worth something.

Since you’ve probably upgraded to the newest iPhone, you’re probably asking the question, “how can I sell my iPhone and get some money back?”

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have the exact information you need to turn that iPhone into cash.

1. Transfer Or Backup Any Information You Need To Your New Phone

Before you get to the point where you say, “I’m going to sell my iPhone,” there are a few things you need to do to prepare.

The first thing you need to do is transfer or backup pertinent information on your phone.

You should already have your phone backing up information to iCloud automatically.

But if you don’t, go ahead, connect your device to WiFi.

Then go into your settings, tap on the iCloud option, and turn on iCloud backup.

Then tap “Back Up Now”.

You should now be able to clone the state of your old iPhone onto your new one.

2. Erase Any Information On Your Phone

You don’t want anyone getting ahold of the personal information on your iPhone.

And nobody is allowed to access your personal information on your phone without your permission or a warrant.

So, it’s wise to erase all information on your old iPhone before you say, “I want to sell my iPhone.”

Make sure you go into settings and sign out of your iCloud account. And then erase all data on the phone.

This should put the phone back into factory mode and when you sell your iPhone, it will be almost like new.

3. Don’t Throw Away Your Old Phone

It happens to the best of us. It might not have even been your fault. But cracked screens happen. And if it’s beyond repair, you might be tempted to just chuck it in the trash.

Don’t do that!

Cell phone components are actually worth money. Even if the screen is cracked, the device inside still contains valuable components.

And if you throw your iPhone in the trash instead of saying “I want to sell my iPhone,” you’re both throwing away money and polluting the environment.

Phones contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals that aren’t good for the environment.

Even if you don’t feel like selling the phone, at least donate it or recycle it.

I Want To Sell My iPhone To Buy Back Pros

Do you want to get cash for that old iPhone?

Even if your iPhone is broken, you can get a little bit of money for it.

And you can get that money within two days if you sell your phone through Buy Back Pros.

Just search for your phone model on our site, enter your information, and we provide the shipping label.

Then you just have to drop the box off at the post.

Get cash for your iPhone now.

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Sell Your iPhone Today And Get Cold Hard Cash In As Little As Two Days

Are you ready to get rid of your old iPhone? When you upgrade, you’re left with an unused iPhone. The iPhone is an awesome phone it is also expensive. You don’t want it to just sit around so it’s time to sell your iPhone. But, how? You ask around but are unable to find someone who wants to purchase your it at a reasonable price. Our site helps you get cold cash for your unused phone.

When you are in the process of selling your iPhone, first, you should erase all data off the phone. iPhones store personal data that you don’t want anyone getting hold of. Sign out of the cloud then erase. After performing this action, your phone should be just the way it was when you bought it. Once you know that no one can access your data, you can begin to take the steps to sell your iPhone.

Sell iphone

Buybackpros make the buying and selling process easy for you. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. Trying to sell your iPhone on Craigslist or other sites can be dangerous. Everyone’s heard stories about sales going wrong and someone getting robbed trying to sell to someone online. We don’t want people to have to worry about that. No one should fear for their life trying to sell electronics.

You can have an offer in just a few minutes. Search for your device and enter the correct information. Once you get an offer, you can submit and have a shipping label in minutes. The process is shorter than your favorite TV shows commercial break.

We offer multiple ways for you to get your money. No matter what financial institution you use, you will be able to receive your money in just a couple of days.

You don’t have to worry about where to sell your iPhone anymore. We want to make the process simple for you. Never worry about your personal information or your safety during the selling process. You can get your money faster and help pay for your next gadget.

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Irresistible Offer To Sell Cell Phones For Cash (preowned) On The Internet

Sell Cell Phone For Cash

The human race has been buying and selling for thousands of years where marketplaces exist. However, the ”route to accessing the marketplace” has since changed over the years. Buyers and Sellers are now taking advantage of all the modern tools of marketing that are available today. One such example is Buy Back Pros platform. You can sell anything you have ever owned on this platform, including cell phones. The particular focus here is on selling cell phones for cash. Why would you sell cell phones for cash on this website?

Environmental Benefits

The human population is living in an environmentally conscious age where people are actually getting incentivized as a result of buying and selling pre-owned goods. There are lots of environmental benefits that come with selling your phone as a second hand item. After all, it doesn’t make sense throwing away a cell phone that can still be used. And there is no better way of earning some cash on that product than to sell it through BuyBackPros website.

Obtain Cash Quickly

An iPhone cell phone can fetch a decent amount of cash if sold in pristine condition. And when you find yourself in a situation where you are facing poor cash flow, you can always sell cell phones for cash as a temporary fix to the problem. When you sell to the right people, you will get cash quickly, and it can mean the difference between getting today’s meal or going hungry for the next couple of days.

A sell phone that is in working condition can still be used by someone else

Some people can’t afford what you currently own. Different consumers have different purchasing power. If you own an expensive cell phone which you no longer use and is just lying somewhere in the house, you might consider turning that cell phone into cash. The amount which you receive will be an equivalent of the present value of that cell phone. So why would you let your old phone lie around idle when someone else out there is dying to own it? You can sell cell phones for cash even in a situation where some parts are broken but the device still working properly. You don’t always have to keep items which you don’t use any more.

Finally, when you decide to sell your cell phone on the internet, you have a ready market. You can sell it easily and conveniently. Shipping, in most cases, is done free of charge. Therefore, nothing should hold you back when these marketplaces exist.